Friday, July 29, 2011


Just need to make a minipost to thank Xara Alice and Kitty Lovett for my new header. Xary does a brilliant miniseries about surviving a zombie apocalypse just for gits and shiggles, and she included me in that one because I asked nicely and she is nice! I am defending them whilst they camp out. Kittens are feeding on zombieflesh. Then Kitty went and added my blogtitle to it because Xary said I could use it as a header because she is nice :3 Aren't they nice? I don't know how to link to them, but I'm sure they will put their bloglinks in the comments here for future people who don't follow them yet!


  1. - xrry x3

  2. Awesome! Totally lovin' the header. Of course, Xary's work ^_^

  3. Gasp! The appreciation is making my head spin. n_n