Monday, August 22, 2011

Getting back to blogger.

'lo again! It's been a while. ...By which I mean about three and a bit weeks? Er...Blame the man in the moon.

Actually, blame a variety of things. However, most of it's been totally worth it. For instance; the marvelous miss Kitty Lovett came to visit me for a weekend, the cause of my original absence! She is wonderful, and also volunteered to model my blade collection for me. Warning; hawtness below.

My Rose Jian, at 1010 grams, was 'too heavy for one hand.'

Also too heavy for one hand.

To be fair, it's a pretty big guard. And she is but only a tiny cat.

Totally not holding this one up using an extension on the guard.

Again, to be fair...this is the heaviest piece in my current collection.


The thrusting possibilities are endless!

Shameful post. This was an early, early-teens grab. It's also the most goth thing I own.

But wait, there's more!

Yeahh...Any real weapon-lovers out here just decided they hated 13-year-old me. 

Note the katana in the background. She refused to model with it, because she's decided that they're lame.
Note also the 60-inch pearl necklace. Early birthday present :P

We went to Maroochydore, and had a lot of fun, and went to an -awesome- pub for lunch. We also saw the last Harry Potter movie (BAWWWWWW TwT) and an Australian film inspired by true events called Red Dog. (EVEN MORE BAAAWWWW TwT. I actually cried a little.) If you've got a chance, and you're an animal lover, go see it. It's amazing.

We took the above photos just before we had to leave and send her away (BAWWWWW TwT) but then they wouldn't email to me from her phone, compulsiveness wouldn't let me go and make a -different- blogpost til I got them, because then I'd feel all out-of-order and such. So...that's why I've been away. Plenty to come, though! Two new swords arrived for me in the mail today, and I'll get those on Friday when I get home. So expect photos of that, a couple outfit posts (...Maybe), complaining about work, and a review on the game Bulletstorm.

Speaking of work, as I mentioned, I work on the railway. We did a weekend shift this weekend; twelve hour days. We pulled 850-870 sleepers on the saturday. My right arm and shoulder are -not happy- =| And we worked in the rain all sunday. But that's okay because extra pay. Muahaha, money.


  1. Ohhhh beautiful shiny metal XD This makes a German heart happy.The model looks smoking hot by the way!
    You are both so awesome

    Chinchillas don't have thumbs,so they can't really hold weaponz XD

  2. grnrrr. I should have put makeup on first. >>


  3. Definitely a small cat compared to those sword o_o Holy crow!

    .. And you have a lot of weapons. You should be well-armed for a zombie apocalypse, sir.

    HAHAHAHA @ Chinchilla! You could totally pull off a photoshop, though :-P

  4. Out of those she modeled, only the rose jian and the daggers are functional, the katana is good too, as my River Witham which doesn't show up there. The rapier may possibly be servicable if sharpened, but I havn't looked 'under the hood' as it were.

  5. Tsk, the trident would certainly add some extra goth to any wall. I'm not sure what else it would do, but it certainly makes any room look 15% more goth.

    Kitty is adorable with pink hair and sharp things.