Friday, July 29, 2011

Hair, in which the Author describes the Tendency of the Rabble to React to his.

And also in which the Author Figures Out to use the Compose section and Thusly is able of posting Pictures.

I have long hair.

Some of you (I.E, anybody that's looked at the [awful] picture to the right) know this.

I'm also a guy. A cisgendered guy. I have a beard. A goatee, in fact. It's sexy and wonderful because it helps to hide the fact I look vaguely like a potato.

Some facial hair only accentuates
a potatolike appearance.
Now, as you may know, I also live in Australia. I've lived most of my life in rural Queensland, and also lived in Semi-rural-almost-ish New South Wales, and for a short time, in Melbourne, the capitol of Victoria.

When I lived in Melbourne, my hair was about yea-long:
This was my first properish sword.
It now lives with a friend who can't afford to mail it to me.
During my stay in New South Wales, it was -generall- about this long: 

Now, my hair's a little longer than that. I don't have any recent pictures on this laptop or uploaded anywhere that actually show it, though.
Reaction to my hair has been...varied. Mostly, however, negative. Especially when combined with the goatee. It's not what a real man should have, it's stupid, it's ugly, it makes you  look like a stoner (this part is true. My semi-insmnia for several years and heavy-liddedness completes the look. However, I'm pretty much teetotal.)

I've rarely had physical threats over it, but I have had a lot of teasing, insults, general derision etc. And a lot of "What would you do if I cut it off while you were sleeping?" The answer to which is generally along the lines of "Burn down your house while you're out, then slice your achilles tendons in the homeless shelter."
If you can't tell, I'm attached to my hair. It needs a trim at the moment, however, as it's gotten -really- long (halfway down my back, which I never actually realise) and it's kinda tatty at the bottom because of my work. I work on the railway for Queensland Rail as a trackworker, by the way. It's manual labour. It's a Real Job, which I was told I'd never get because I look like a girlie hippie. It's also a damn bitch on my arms and back, but there you go. My hair gets tied into a ponytail with another tie at the bottom and slipped through the back of my helmet for work. It doesn't get in the way, but it goes get frayed a bit as I fiddle with it and my helmet and sometimes it catches a little on the zipper on my jacket.

I may have to do a post about work at some point, because it can be really frustrating.

My point is, I don't get the 'problem' with long hair. I don't see why it's 'not proper' for a man. Fact; the manliest people in history, -all had long hair,- not to mention the best characters from pop-fiction and myths. Hairgrowth is partially determined by testosterone, even.

Vikings? MANLY.
Celts, Picts and Gauls? MANLY.

If this were accurate, he'd have
long, flowing locks. Probably braided.

Spartans? MANLY. However, also fond of little boys, so we'll shy away from that one for a little bit.

Wizards? MANLY.

Conan the Barbarian? MANLY.

Dwarves? MANLY.

Elves? MANLY. Wait. Damn. Well, can't beat'em all.

 This is the smile that says "I spend more time washing my hair than anybody you know,
have a bigger penis than you, and am comfortable with my sexuality."

I really not understand. Everybody that's a little different gets picked on, but the reasons never, ever make sense.  Most of my female friends love it though. I'm occasionally bombarded with requests to braid or straighten or plait it, and many of them just start playing with it randomly. It feels nice n.n

On a less grumpy note...I have eight followers! However, I know that most of you have migrated over from the Anonymous Cat's blog. Jack...Jack I don't know, I havn't seen him around. Hi Jack! How are you? In any case, I'm wondering how many will even read or are just here cause it was suggested :P. To get me a rough guide of that, and also help me decide what to post next, message on this post! Give me suggestions on what to post about. Ask me questions. Ask about weapons, if you're interested in the suchlike. Ask me about martial arts. Ask me about food. Tell me about what you like! I'll go studying up on it and maybe even make a blogpost dedicated to you!


  1. I like your hair. <3 I curled it that time. You looked like a bisexual elf. It was cool.


  2. I love your hair! I kind of have a thing for guys with long hair, ha xD

    As a female, I used to have generic long brown hair. But I hated it the longer I had it. So I said, to the hell with that, and now I only have 30% of my hair remaining. I LOVE my undercut.

    My sweetheart has long, unruly, thick curly hair. You could never convince him to comb it or straighten it ..

  3. Long-haired boyfriend here as well. Long hair is awesome.

    Also, long-haired me. Yay!

  4. Long hair on men is awesome. Short hair on women is awesome. Really, as long as it suits the person's face frame and build most hair can be awesome (even, on rare occasions, mullets). Long hair is not un-manly, neither is short hair or lack of hair more manly. Beards are definitely manly.

    The following things are also awesome Wing Chun, sabres, shashkas - you can blog about those.