Sunday, July 24, 2011


Well. Let's see here.
I'm...Anuan, to most. Growlithe to some (though I can't quite recall how that started, it's stuck.) This is my first attempt at an actual personal blog (I've got another one that was my travel-blog when I went to America. Woo.).

Herein you'll find little tidbits of this, and that. Geekspeakery on the subject of games, some rage (...Okay, a lot of rage. Originally I was going to make a blog called 'Tornadoes with knives' which would've been purely venting.) and...swords. Lots of swords. Swords are my thing, y'see. There'll be a lot of posts about swords, and also spears, axes, lances, daggers, armour, throwing-weapons, and various forms of martial arts. A lot of these will of course be accompanied by a healthy dose of history, but mostly it'll be facts, explanations, historical usage... etc. There's a lot of misinformation and misconceptions out there. Expect early posts about "Blood grooves," and "Katanas are the best swords in the world!" and why saying either of these things to me will get a very grumpy look.

I'll also take suggestions, and maybe even throw in the odd Science! post.
I might make an actual post tomorrow, if I get to bed early enough and get a decent sleep. I think I'll make it about weapons collecting, and my current collection. Until then, Ciao for now!

Edit: Yes, I know everything's boring and ugly looking right now. It's getting worked on, I promise!


  1. "Swords are my thing, y'see."

    And me. I'm his thing.

  2. SWORDS. Did you say what I think you said?

  3. That depends. What do you think I said?